Construction industry is in urgent need of trained solar shading experts

ES-SO offers the most complete specialist training programme

With sustainability and energy efficiency holding sway in the construction industry, the European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO) highlights the crucial importance of the systematic integration of solar shading in buildings to combat overheating.

With a goal to be climate neutral by 2050, clearly our buildings will play a crucial role in achieving this. Consequently, having a well-informed and better prepared workforce is now an urgent and important challenge for the European construction sector.

Solar shading considerably reduces the cooling and energy needs of a building. However, the correct specification of solar shading requires in-depth knowledge.

The construction industry has traditionally been hesitant to adopt new innovations and developments, for example, heat pumps, which only became commonplace after strong initial skepticism. ES-SO has found that often the same is true of solar shading, frequently considered as a nice-to-have. However, climate change and the fast evolution in terms of energy-efficient buildings are both making solar shading a crucial building component. ​

“Solar shading is the most energy-efficient method to protect a building against excessive heat and as such it will become increasingly important”, says Ann Van Eycken, secretary general of ES-SO. “Europe is facing a renovation wave in which solar shading will play a key role. However, successfully integrating solar shading with an eye for energy-efficient construction and renovation requires knowledge and expertise, ranging from climate zone, facade orientation, required glass surface area, solar heat transmission and natural daylight to indoor climate and automatic control. Extensive training is essential to contribute to the future of sustainable construction.”

From basic principles to latest developments

ES-SO offers training programmes across Europe, geared to its members, professional suppliers of solar shading solutions. ​ Actively striving to share knowledge and good practices with building professionals through specialist education programmes, the training that ES-SO offers is oriented to the benefits that dynamic solar shading provides, focused on energy saving and visual and thermal comfort.

In that sense, it differs from the internal training that companies provide, often more oriented towards their specific product. ​ The trainings can be organised locally at company premises or their trade association, or can be taken online via the ES-SO e-Academy. The programme ​ comprises a wide spectrum of topics, from the basic principles of solar shading and daylight management to the latest developments in terms of solar shading technology and local regulations.

“The knowledge acquired will help to better understand the customers’ needs, building professionalism and trust amidst an unpredictable landscape of global warming and high energy prices”, Ann Van Eycken adds. “Investing in solar shading training also offers a strategic advantage. Those who take the specialist training are better able to foster innovation, increase the comfort of occupants and tackle the challenges of climate change.”

With over 200 trainees every year around Europe, trained building professionals possess a wealth of knowledge and skills for the optimal integration of solar shading. For more information on the training programme visit

About ES-SO –
ES-SO is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law that aims to promote the positive impact of solar shading on indoor climate management, thereby supporting the EU’s ambitious energy-efficiency goals. ES-SO is the European umbrella organisation of professional solar shading organisations. The European solar shading industry employs over 450,000 people and generates annual sales in excess of €22 billion. ES-SO is based in Brussels, the ideal location to guarantee that the voice of the industry is heard and that it can make a positive contribution to the European energy targets. ES-SO is also actively involved in a number of European projects in both a contributing and advisory role.

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