ES-SO and trade fair R+T join forces to champion smart solar shading in climate-resilient buildings

For over five decades already, the R+T trade fair in Stuttgart has been an epicentre of innovations in shutters, doors, gates and solar shading. This year, R+T has found a new strategic partner in the umbrella organisation ES-SO, which stands for European Solar Shading Organisation. The trade fair's 2024 edition from 19 to 23 February will include a seminar by ES-SO on climate-resilient buildings and campfire sessions on the role of solar shading for a more sustainable future.

The R+T trade fair supports ES-SO's mission to highlight the importance of solar shading for a more sustainable future. ES-SO Chairman Anders Hall:

"In partnership with R+T, ES-SO sees a future in which smart solar shading is not just a solution, but a driving force behind more sustainable buildings. Our collaboration with R+T 2024 goes well beyond the trade fair itself; it is a commitment to shaping a resilient and energy-efficient world in which we champion solar shading standards. We invite everyone to join us in building a greener, cooler and more sustainable future."

ES-SO seminar on climate-resilient buildings

ES-SO will give a seminar on 'Climate resilience through smart solar shading' at R+T 2024 on 21 February (9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.). It will explore the latest developments in smart solar shading, including topics such as wind resistance and automation. Jonathan Duwyn from the United Nations Global Building Alliance will also give a presentation on the future of the circular economy. Solar shading will play a crucial role in this economy based on principles for more energy efficiency and a positive impact on the environment. This approach emphasises the creation of products and systems that focus on continued sustainability, recyclability and reuse.

ES-SO campfire sessions on energy-efficient solar shading

ES-SO will present campfire sessions on sustainability and smart solar shading on 22 and 23 February. You can visit several stands at R+T 2024 to find out in just 20 minutes how smart solar shading can be the ultimate energy-efficient solution for climate-proof buildings. Participating companies include: Verano (stand 5b21), Sattler (1c72), Renson (6a12), Para (1d72), Harol (6c31), Somfy (5a32), Winsol (5d41) and Dickson Constant (1d51).

ES-SO itself will be at stand EO328 near the entrance hall for the duration of the trade fair. Visitors can get acquainted with the organisation's representatives and the latest developments in smart solar shading. They can also get more information on ES-SO's knowledge-sharing platform. ES-SO is excited about its strategic cooperation with R+T and is looking forward to contributing to the dialogue on sustainability, climate resilience and the role of solar shading for a more sustainable future. Read more at: R+T – Create. Sustainable. Future. TogetheR+T. | Messe Stuttgart (

ES-SO launches Global Shading Day 2024

During the trade fair, ES-SO will also promote Global Shading Day on 21 March 2024. ES-SO takes this initiative to raise awareness among consumers and policymakers about the importance of solar shading in the fight against global warming. Smart solar shading is a passive cooling solution that is essential for energy-efficient, climate-proof buildings, especially now that climate change keeps progressing at the same pace.

About ES-SO

The European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO) is a leading network of solar shading associations across Europe. ES-SO focuses on sustainability and promotes smart solar shading solutions for climate-resilient buildings. Find out more at

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